National Conference on the
Entrepreneurship Imperative
for Engaging People 50 and Older

  • Washington, D.C
  • November 7, 2013

Entrepreneurs of Over Fifty, Start Anew will ignite our economy!
"Our economy is broken... You have a chance to cross the chasm and rebuild the economy. Come to the conference!" -Bill Zinke, Chairman
"Whatever the mind of man
can conceive and believe,
it can achieve." –Napoleon Hill Come soar with the Eagles at NCEI

Come join us and become part of the team inventing this bold new initiative by helping rebuild our national economy.

to adopt laws, regulations, tax structures, financial incentives, and take other actions that encourage and support entrepreneurship
Private Sector
companies/entrepreneurs to focus on entrepreneurship, more innovation, and creativity 
Veterans - special price
to focus on entrepreneurship courses and programs that educate and train people 50+
to serve the needs of entrepreneurs 50+ and stimulate new-business creation

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This event is of critical importance to the increased employment and economic growth of this country. You owe it to yourself to participate in this event..

Join us and discover the driving forces behind the importance of this new initiative.

Over Fifty, Start Anew will help to energize and engage people who are 50 years and older to become entrepreneurs that will be the new lifeblood our economy for the future and to rebuild and enhance the legacy of new-business creation in America.

This Conference can become the catalyst for igniting the economy in growth by bringing together the forces that can create:

  • New Businesses
  • Innovative Ideas
  • New Jobs
  • Economic Growth
You will have the opportunity to meet and engage with Thought Leaders and Change Agents in this vital event.

Register today, as space is limited.